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    Alias: None. Not yet. Though she doesn't mind being called Tina by friends.

    Gender: Female, I think.

    Race/Species: Cyborg human.

    Age: 24 years of age.

    Alignment: True Neutral, I think. Or Neutral someplace.

    Class/Profession: Piano player. Bard, I suppose you could say.

    Power Rating: Low. Probably not too far beyond human capabilities. I mean, bard. Seriously. E+, at best, and then only in a defensive manner. She won't hold up in even a small-scale Nexus fight without some serious help.


    In human form, by Gulaghar:

    Personality: You could call her personality 'efficient' at first glance. She strives for melody and harmonic motion in all things. Even activities she dislikes. Efficiency is key.

    Fettina is a peaceful creature. She likes nothing more than to make things. Make friends, make music, make food. Though she can't eat some human foods without unpleasant side-effects.

    That whole 'peaceful' bit goes for combat too. The girl is a pacificist, despising most physical exertion in general. She is somewhat quick to anger, particulary from insults, but not so quick to fight. Her loud mouth has gotten her in more trouble than she can handle on many occasions, and she's often forced to rely on more powerful friends.

    Anything else, I do believe I'll develop IC.

    Equipment: One Elexxion Class Expanding Hard-Light Grand Piano Mark IV. Many, many sets of neo-modern, fashionable clothes. All sorts of nice, otherworldly dresses. A small, oddly shaped pistol with the magazine extending from the barrel just beyond the trigger. A few rounds of 'flash' ammo. Mostly for blinding, though capable of piercing flesh and burning people's insides with ease. A pair of specially made 'sunglasses' to negate her own flashing effect. Given that she only has five or six shots, not all that useful anyway. Perhaps a notebook/diary as well.

    Fettina also possesses:

    - Three silver throwing knives, each inscribed with a different but similar rune and edged with obsidian. (As long as one is held onto the others will return to the bearer when thrown.)
    - An ugly, barbed dagger covered in red runes. (This dagger will cause wound inflicted by it to be much more severe and won't stop bleeding very easily.)
    - A set of high quality lock picks.
    - Wallet quite full of various currencies.
    -A pen with various magical abilities. First, it never runs out of ink. Second, any letter written with the pen will always reach the intended recipient eventually. Third, it helps creatively in some fashion when writing music. Third, it will put down what she wants to write without her actually needing to hold the pen. Helpful, that.
    Also, she's been given a metallic green communication beetle by one Madame de la Moy.

    Abilities: Maybe some weird hard-light morphing. Talented piano player, though she's still 'upgrading'. Can't shoot much farther than short-range without her accurary dropping to zero. The weapon's just for self-defense, and given that she doesn't like to fight, she rarely has to fall back on it. Maaaybe some minor reality shifting with music that's also partly due to hard-light tech. I dunno.

    Backstory: Tina was born the second daughter of one Dr. Otro and Mrs. Zaiya, a wealthy doctor and his augmented bride living in a city-state that was once part of western Alaska. She grew up spoiled, granted every luxury she could ask for. It was an easy, if somewhat hollow existence. Her father was a quiet, busy man, and her mother was an often-absent drunkard and drug-abuser. As a result, Tina and her sisters didn't always get all the attention they could ask for. So rather than depend on their parents, they looked out for one another.

    While often arguing and even fighting, the three girls were each-other's best friends, providing the attention that was so absent from their mother and father. The three were very immature, a fact Tina and her older sister Gelley often joke about fondly. They went artificial and got their first augmentations together when Tina was only 12 years old. Tina introduced the trio to a love of music, she herself being a rather talented pianist. For a while, the girls even had their hearts set on forming a band.

    As she got into her teens, Tina began to branch out a bit more. She'd been somewhat shy up until that point; her spoiled childhood and isolation from other children had some effect on her social abilities. As a result, she ended up trying some things she shouldn't have to make friends. One of these things was 'Jump' - a common, powerful street drug. She quickly became addicted, a 'habit' that stuck with her for years, and still holds her back to his day. This habit was more than a little expensive, and she ended up having to steal from her own father just to scrape enough cash together. When he found out, she was cut off from using the family fortune at all. He ushered her into rehab, but his hopes were dashed when Tina ran away at the age of 17. She was simply too weak. And unbeknownst to her, Fettina had become dependent on Jump. Where before she'd gotten off on the smallest doses, now she needed those regularly to feel anything at all.

    Not long after, she lied about her age and got a job as a waitress at one of Naitiri's favorite clubs. She'd need to pay for her addiction some way, and dad wasn't gonna help. Her eldest sister had been sneaking Tina and Gelley in, up until this incident with 'Jump', so it seemed like a logical choice. People liked her. She couldn't get too far on her looks, though - every person there was augmented, including herself. Personality mattered just as much, and she had plenty of that. Before long, she was serving drinks in the VIP section, providing musical and carnal entertainment for wealthy men with nothing better to do. She often got lonely, despite all the newfound 'friends'. Naitiri was long gone, off running security for some corporate land-grab, and Gelley had nothing but bad things to say about Tina's drug abuse. They exchanged more than a few choice words over the years, and the two sisters haven't really been friends since.

    Lucky for her, Tina's musical talents attracted the attention of one Kebey Harrel, a singer and band leader for the interworld band 'The Tap'. She fell in readily, drinking in the spotlight, the attention. Money for her habits and a fairly lavish lifestyle weren't a bad bonus, either. They'd hop from frontier world to frontier world, singing for worn-out corporate skeleton crews or disheveled colonists. A falling out with the band (mostly with Kebey) led Tina to strike out on her own. She'd saved enough for it by then. This rampant world hopping led her further and further from her planet of origin, eventually landing her in the Nexus. Ironically enough, this provided her with an express portal home. She regained contact with her sister Naitiri - though things have been a tad awkward, it feels good to be around her again. Tina still hasn't truly reconnected with her father. All their meetings so far have been stiff, awkward. She hopes, one day soon, to apoligize and reconnect with the old doctor. For now, however, she can often be found trolling the bars and casinos of the Nexus, living a hedonistic, self-indulgent existence.
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