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    Default Brainstorming for a shield-using base class

    So I've an idea in my head to build a martial base class for sword/spear-and-board fighters.

    Basically, I'm brainstorming/taking requests: what are the features that you really wished you could have when using a shield? I'm shooting for a distinct improvement; I'm not trying to balance this against the core fighter or anything like that.

    Current Plans:
    Martial- access to Iron Tortoise and Army of One disciplines
    Shield bash improvements -bucklers and tower shields, oh my!
    Much more shield AC
    Shield to Touch AC
    Class features to simulate phalanx fighting (rather than feats, because who wants to spend a feat on such things?)
    Shields granting bonuses to saves
    If TWF with a shield, you may sacrifice an attack on your next turn to block an attack with an opposed roll. At higher levels you gain "momentum" for blocking attacks.
    Shield + weapon attack as standard acton
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