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    Alias: Hat man, Man of a million hats

    Name: Robert "Roby" Hatter

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Hard to tell, but is probably human, who knows

    Age: 28, or at least looks it

    Alignment: Good, chaotic

    Class/Profession: Was a hat maker, still sometimes does it though not very often

    Power Rating: It varies on depending on his hat

    Description: Robert stands at about 6' 2" is fairly thin and has a kind and gentle face. He has soft thick brown hair and dark green eyes. Is usually wearing a button up shirt of some sort and a pair of nice pants.

    Personality: A nice gentleman. A bit eccentric though. He's kind and gentle, a true gentleman. Is a bit short tempered on some things though.

    Equipment: A magical hat that changes shape, size, and power ability

    Abilities: Has various abilities given to him through his hat

    Backstory: TBD
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