Alias: Sister Mariglyth/Mariglyth/Sister.
Gender: Female.
Race/Species: Goblin.
Age: Her age remains unclear - though it is certainly longer than that of the average goblin lifespan, like the rest of her 'Family'.
Alignment: In the Neutral ranges. The Hands of the Father rarely take sides in disputes outside the family, preferring to keep their archives a neutral ground.
Class/Profession: Follower of the "Hands of the Father", a "Family" of goblins who have sworn themselves to an entity called "The Father". This Family is dedicated to the archival and furtherment of technology, and the eventual immortality of their Family through their augmentations.
Power Rating: C+ to -B - her augmentations make her a fierce opponent, above the capabilities of an average person.

Description: Pictured above. Like the rest of her Family, Mariglyth is heavily augmented, and much of her is inorganic - though nowhere near all. She has a robotic arm, and a pack on her back that is capable of extending and retracting long, spider-like metal legs.
Equipment: Goggles, capable of many kinds of vision and analysis of an opponent's capabilities. Capable of scanning the abilities of tech devices.
A wrist-mounted computer, able to link to the others held by the family as well as the internet itself - also used to hook up to devices to "Speak" with them.
Abilities: She appears to be able, like the rest of her family, to link up to a device and speak with "The Spirit of the Machine". This allows her to understand the device on a level most ordinary people do not.
Upon death, all members of her family become part of a data stream, their consciousness loaded into the Father where he sits unmoving on his throne, to have their very soul 'Uploaded' into a new body. This process is not instantaneous, and may take a long time.
Backstory: The history of Mariglyth is the history of The Father. They were all once his followers, until a disease took his body that he could not recover from. Desperate to save him, they removed his brain from his body, and preserved it within a machine that could keep him alive. However, he was unable to function further, and he vowed that one day he would gain the knowledge to learn how to do away with the need for a body at all, and ascend into a higher state of being. In this pursuit, he would need the help of his followers, whom he would also offer this amazing capability - but he required their help to find and understand it. Because of this, they record and archive technology, revering their "Father" above all else, for they had become his hands. Mariglyth saw this all, and acts like the others as his faithful servant.

The Father, unmoving upon his throne:

The Father is capable of speaking through his Hands, since he is seemingly unable to do many things himself.