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    Boris Krestyanov

    "Sir, you have something on your face." *bang* "Got it for you."

    Alias: "Hawkeye," "Sniper Operative #37"
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human.
    Age: 26
    Class/Profession: Spetsnaz Operative (Sniper)

    Description: Boris stands at 6'2'', and weighs 243 lb., which results in a quite muscular build. He has black hair, and storm gray eyes. With a rather angular and symmetrical face, some have called him handsome in the past. Not anymore, though, as there is a nasty scar across his left cheek, going straight from his lips, to just short of his ear. There are two other scars on his body: one on his right shoulder, and another on his left hip. Altough nobody has seen it, there is also a brand across his whole back - a hammer and sickle, evidence of his status as a Spetsnaz operative.

    Normally, Boris wears clothing that shows his rather casual style. He値l wear a red, long-sleeved shirt, with a black overcoat worn over it. In addition, he usually wears black denim jeans and brown leather combat boots. When he can, Boris will have his machete slung on his right hip, and his rifle slung across his back. When he anticipates combat, he値l either be in his Ghillie suit, which makes him look more like a walking bush than a Russian, or his Spetsnaz uniform, which makes him look a little more intimidating.


    Art by Mazeburn. Thanks!

    Personality: In a casual situation, Boris is often very friendly. He値l crack more than a few jokes, and generally do his best to make others feel welcome. He isn稚 angered very easily, but when he is, his Russian ancestry will shine through, with him grabbing his machete and threatening whoever caused his anger. But most of the time, he値l be a calm, loyal, and good-natured man.

    In combat, though, you値l find a completely different person. His mind is almost always completely dedicated to any combat he might be in. He値l talk tactics, and make sure that whatever objective he has is successful. He is much more serious than his normal, happy, joking side. In fact, the person one will find is Sniper Operative #37, of Spetsnaz GRU.

    One thing that is common between both Boris and the Operative is his devotion to Communist methods. Luckily for him (and those he might meet,) his form of Communism is the idealist form. He always has his comrades in mind. Not a single decision he makes is solely because of his motivation. If needed, he'd starve himself so that someone else may eat well. If needed, he'd take a bullet for a friend.

    As a friendly and generally helpful man, Boris will speak in Dark Green.

    -A marble that becomes a dimensional portal when tossed on the ground.
    -A lever-action rifle made for him by Cornelia Walsh.
    -An old, scoped Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle.
    -A black-bladed machete.
    -Ghillie suit.
    -Rucksack with extra ammo, cleaning kit, facepaints, a few other miscellaneous materials, and a change of clothes (either his civilian disguise, or his ghillie suit.)

    Since his first visit to his homeworld, Boris now has many more weapons. This is a complete list (deep breath:)

    Ballistic Knife, w/ nine extra blades.
    Entrenchment shovel.
    VSS Vintorez.
    AS Val.
    Two Makarov Pistols.
    (He always carries his ballistic knife and all of his blades. Commonly, he has his Vintorez, his AK-107, his pistols, and his Skorpion.)

    Abilities: Boris has absolutely no magical abilities. However, to make up for this, he has some of the best training in his world. He can use just about any firearm at an expert level, able to hit within a tenth of an inch of his target at 500 yards. He is also much stronger than he appears (to the point where he can snap someone's neck without thinking about it,) and well-trained with melee weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

    As expected from Boris, if he came across any Spetsnaz weapons (the ballistic knife, the hand shovel, and so on,) he'd be able to use them with quite the proficiency. And because of his training, he's become highly resistant to pain, poison, and mental control.

    As another result of Spetsnaz training, Boris can fill many more combat roles than sniper (though that is by far his best.) He has some basic medical training - enough to stabilize a gunshot wound with the right equipment training. He also knows his way around both explosives and electronic equipment. And with his marksmanship, he can perform any direct combat role quite well.

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