The changes are still neat, though I think Colossus Strike is still a mite confusing. If you hit an obstacle, do you only deal damage based on how far the target traveled to that point or on how far it could have traveled? If prematurely stopped by an obstacle, if the damage is great enough to break it, do you continue to go the full extent of the distance or do you still stop?

Also, the damage is exceedingly variable. Provided you succeed on the knockback, the extra damage goes anywhere from 9d6 (the 6d6 + 1d6 for landing + 2d6 from distance traveled) to 19d6 (6d6 initial + 1d6 landing +12d6 from distance), plus any other damage from the weapon and other miscellaneous factors. Like, it's cool, it just requires lots of dice rolls to determine what goes where and how it goes down.

Also, Wearying Stance conflicts with itself. It says already fatigued creatures hit while in this stance are exhausted and then says they aren't. So, which is it?

Still, kudos on the continued revision to make this a useful discipline for any initiator to pick up and use alongside the others.