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    Cake Dragon:
    Dragon (fire, extraplanar)
    Environment: Limbo
    Organization: Solitary, pair, family (2-5), or party (5-30)
    Challenge Ratings: Wyrmling 1, young 3, adult 4, old 6, wyrm 8, great wyrm 11.
    Treasure: Standard
    Alignment: Always Chaotic (usually Evil).

    Found in the depths of the shifting world of Limbo is a rare breed of dragon. One of the “demi-dragons” as I have come to recognize them, these dragons demonstrate only six age categories and lack many of the powers of a true dragon and even full grown are little larger than a wolf. Even so they are capable of channeling middling magical abilities (wings of flurry seems to be a favorite amongst them) and to fight quite well for their diminutive sizes.

    The dragons I am speaking of today come in two superficially different types. Some have white scales, beginning as an imperfect cream color and growing more pure as they age, others have black scales which at birth are only a dark brown slowly becoming a pure black. There seems to be no difference associated with the colorations other than that of color, an oddity among dragons. In other physical traits they are similar to most dragons. They do have a few features of note, though. Upon the crown of their head several bony growths protrude. Each of these growths is tipped by a single flame, which will relight if extinguished. These growths can be used to determine their age as they are born with but a single growth and grow another three within their first three years. Afterwards each age category sees three more growths develop upon their head by the time it is complete. In addition the scales around their jaw and ankles almost seem to be like a liquid frozen in the middle of some downward flow.

    Their physical capabilities include: the hypnotic effects of their candle horns; an excellent skill with lies; an aura of flames that shields them against their natural weakness; resistance to even magical weapons; and a frightful presence like a true dragon. These abilities make these dragons amongst the most dangerous of these “demi-dragons”.

    Psychologically many of them are pathological liars, and tricksters. While not all are actively malignant in their lies and tricks, from my studies I’d guess than about one-half of them take it further than mere tricks. Instead these dragons turn to physical assault, murder, and malignant trickery. If one encounters such a dragon they should be careful, as it may prove dangerous.
    -Zasper, Grand Archmage of the 10th Circle, Bearer of the Crystal Crown, Keeper of the Transfinite Seal, He Who Walks Amongst Dragons, Friend to Bahamut, Foe to Tiamat, Hero of a Hundred Kingdoms, Keeper of the 89th Secret of Talorn, Walker of Worlds, the Immaculate Sage, the Purple Archmage, Champion of Halm, and former Emperor of Cyrell (retired).

    {table]Age| Size| Hit Dice | Str| Dex| Con| Int| Wis| Cha| BAB/Grp| Atk| Fort| Ref| Will| Breath Weapon
    "Wyrmling"| T| 2d12+2 (15 hp) | 9| 12| 13| 8| 11| 12| 2/-7| 3| 4| 4| 3| 1d10 (DC 12)
    "Young"| T| 4d12+8 (34 hp) | 11| 12| 15| 10| 13| 14| 4/-4| 6| 6| 5| 5| 2d10 (DC 14)
    "Adult"| S| 6d12+18 (57 hp) | 15| 12| 17| 10| 13| 14| 6/4| 9| 8| 6| 6| 3d10 (DC 16)
    "Old"| S| 8d12+24 (76 hp) | 17| 12| 17| 12| 15| 16| 8/7| 12| 9| 7| 8| 4d10 (DC 17)
    "Wyrm"| M| 10d12+40 (105 hp) | 21| 12| 19| 14| 17| 18| 10/15| 15| 11| 8| 10| 5d10 (DC 19)
    "Great Wyrm"| M| 12d12+60 (138 hp) | 25| 12| 21| 16| 19| 20| 12/19| 19| 13| 9| 12| 6d10 (DC 21)[/table]
    {table]Age |Speed |Init |AC |SR |Special Abilities |Caster Level |Charisma based DC |Bite Damage |Claw Damage |Wing Damage |Breath Weapon Range
    "Wyrmling"| 40-ft, fly 60-ft (average) |+1 |14 (+2 size, +1 natural, +1 Dex) |- |Fire Immunity, Cold Vulnerability |- |12 |1d4 |1d3 |- |15-ft
    "Young"| 40-ft, fly 60-ft (average) |+1 |16 (+2 size, +1 Dex, +3 natural) |- |The Cake Lies |1st |14 |1d4 |1d3 |- |15-ft
    "Adult"| 40-ft, fly 90-ft (average) |+1 |17 (+1 size, +1 Dex, +5 natural) |15 |Hypnotic Flames |3rd |15 |1d6 |1d4 |- |20-ft
    "Old"| 40-ft, fly 90-ft (average) |+1 |19 (+1 size, +1 Dex, +7 natural) |18 |DR 5/magic |5th |17 |1d6 |1d4 |- |20-ft
    "Wyrm"| 60-ft, fly 120-ft (poor) |+1 |20 (+1 Dex, +9 natural) |20 |Corona of Flames |7th |19 |1d8 |1d6 |1d4 |30-ft
    "Great Wyrm"| 60-ft, fly 120-ft (poor) |+1 |22 (+1 Dex, +11 natural) |23 |DR 10/magic and 5/epic, Frightful Presence (DC 21) |9th |21 |1d8 |1d6 |1d4 |30-ft[/table]

    Cake Dragons and aging
    {table]Category |Age
    "Wyrmling" |0-3 years.
    "Young" |4-15 years.
    "Adult" |16-30 years
    "Old" |31-45 years.
    "Wyrm"| 46-90 years.
    "Great Wyrm"| 91 + Charisma score times 5 years.[/table]

    Special Abilities:

    Breath Weapon (Su): A cake dragon has a single type of breath weapon, a cone of fire which deals the listed damage. A successful Reflex save (DC listed) halves this damage. Once a cake dragon has used its breath weapon it cannot use its breath weapon again for 1d4 rounds.

    The Cake Lies (Su): A cake dragon gains a racial bonus on bluff checks of 3 per age category. In addition Discern Lies and similar effects have no effect against a cake dragon’s lies. Cake dragons are immune to Zone of Truth and any other spells that prevent them from lying.
    Spells: A cake dragon casts spells as a sorcerer of the indicated level. In addition to the sorcerer spell list they may select spells from the Gluttony domain list (Spell Compendium).

    Hypnotic Flames (Su): Any creature within 60-ft seeing an adult or older cake dragon must make a Will save (Cha based) or be dazed by its flames. They gain a new saving throw each round for as long as they can see the dragon and for 1d4+1 rounds thereafter, and are dazed until one of the following conditions are met: They take lethal damage; they make their saving throw; or the 1d4+1 rounds have passed. A successful save grants a +4 bonus on all future saves against this ability of that cake dragon for 24 hours, but does not grant immunity. Any effect that protects against gaze effects also protects against this ability. A cake dragon may suppress or resume this ability as a standard action.

    Corona of Flames (Su): A wyrm or older cake dragon is continuously surrounded by a corona of flames functioning as a warm Fire Shield with a CL equal to the cake dragon’s hit dice. This effect may be dispelled but will automatically resume in 1d4 rounds.

    Frightful Presence (Ex): A great wyrm cake dragon gains a frightful presence (as a true dragon’s frightful presence ability) and gains immunity to those of other dragons. The range for this is 60-ft, unlike those of true dragons.

    Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Knowledge (all skills selected seperately), Listen, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, and Use Magic Device are all class skills for cake dragons.
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