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    Zeta Omicron Epsilon 5562/ Rato Robot Model 5562

    Alias: None yet
    Gender: Undetermined, more information is needed before making this decision
    Race/Species: Robot, Rato Model 5562
    Age: The unit known as Zeta Omicron Epsilon has been in working operation for one month
    Alignment: This unit has been programed to follow rules and laws set out by Dr.rato
    Class/Profession: Undetermined, more information is needed before making this decision
    Power Rating: C to B-
    Description: A metal skeleton similar to that of most humans. For the most part has simple plating on the outside hiding most of the metal and wirery bits that makes it up. However it has green trimming on the armor platting and is also more humanoid. This appearance may change though depending on upgrades that Zeta takes.
    Personality: Inquisitive, learning, logical, some have described this unit as dry and boring
    Equipment: Hidden 9mm pistol firearm attatched inside left arm and a short sword attachment also hidden in its right arm
    Abilities: Your character's skills and abilities. What can they do? What weaknesses do they have? It all goes here.
    Backstory: Was created by Dr.Rato and was activated just over a month ago.
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