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Thread: 20 New Warlock Utility Invocations [3.5]

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    I appreciate the feedback. My response are below.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Anchoring Blast
    Lesser; 4th
    Does it still do damage? If yes its good, if not its not really worth it.
    Enlightened spirit (Warlock PrC) has a greater essence that gives much better effects in the latter case. If the damage is still there, its a good if situational blast
    Yes, the damage would still be there. I've never played in a game where the villain didn't have a way to escape extradimensionally after about 10th level, so this would be extremely useful in those situations. Plus, it doesn't really cost you anything except one round of not using another essence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Bar-Lgura's Grace
    Least; 2nd
    The scaling is my biggest problem here. You basically get an epic item effect at level 14. On the other hand you lose an invocation slot for a stat increase that is less important than others (warlocks have little trouble to hit and shouldn't get hit that often anyway). I'd probably still take it if I was a melee warlock.
    Well, don't judge it based on what stat is being pumped; there are 6 equal ones, it's assumed that people will take whatever one helps their build the most. It is intended to be better than buying an item that does the same thing because invocation slots are rarer than money.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    The Bell Tolls For Thee
    Dark; 8th
    I am honestly unsure about this one. It helps kill enemies while keeping yourself kind of healthy. It could be fun if you want to play a desperate suicide bomber who can't comprehend why he just won't die. Also you should use the old specification that you need a conscore for this otherwise this is entirely too abusable for undead warlocks (they would be basically immortal)
    True resurrection would destroy an undead, raising them back as their original mortal form. However, I may add a "once every 24 hours" sort of clause.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Bleeding Blast
    Least; 3rd
    Sensible and very useful in the beginning. The enemy is dead, they just don't know it yet. Though the original summon swarm invocation can do somewhat the same to more people in the beginning.
    You need to concentrate to use summon swarm. This is fire-and-forget.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Dark Siren
    Least, 2nd
    Absolutely appropriate. A very nice choice for a spell-based invocation that fits the warlock.
    Thanks. I thought it would be helpful for melee-locks who draw their foes in rather than going to them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Dangerous Beauty
    Lesser; 4th
    So you get a deflection bonus that disappears if you get an armor bonus. Only really useful if you really pump Charisma I think, though if you do this is a very good defensive option. I assume it lasts the usual 24h?
    Yes, 24 hours. And yeah, it's assumed that if you take this, you're planning on pumping Cha (which half of all warlocks are doing anyway).

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Enslave the Planes
    Least; 3rd
    Good if your campaign centers around planar travel but otherwise not that great.
    Yeah, I was hoping to think of some sort of extra effect that would be helpful even if not on another plane, I just couldn't come up with one. I'll keep thinking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Grave Anticipation
    Greater; 6th
    Probably appropriate. I have little experience with the line of spells. I also get the feeling you do a lot of suprises and traveling across planes in your games based on these invocations.
    This invocation basically makes a warlock immune to scry-and-die tactics, giving them warning and then delaying the transport 3 rounds. And yeah, all of the high level games I've played in use a lot of instant travel spells, both offensively and defensively.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Dark; 9th
    This one is creepy and sick. I whole-heartedly approve. Though at this point the payoff is a bit weak for a Dark invocation. I'd go with a bonus equal to 1/3rd the amount of HD you harbor in souls (or character level if it applies)
    Well, the payoff was really just holding on to the soul of someone you hate. It's not intended to be a boost, just a way of preventing the BBEG from being resurrected. It's also a great plot power for an NPC warlock, because it forces the PCs to have to kill him to free the soul of King So-and-So.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Greater; 5th
    Creepy. Could be fun though.
    My goal was to add something that could open up a lot of roleplaying/infiltration options, like possessing a minion and riding him into the villain's lair.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Pull the Strings
    Greater; 5th
    Oh, ouch. Bela Lugosi makes everyone his bitch.
    Depending on what you play this can be entirely too strong. Though it has a great feel to it.
    Thanks. My gut tells me that the situational nature of it keeps it balanced; the player never gets to decide to use this really, the DM does. Also, another great NPC warlock power.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Servant of the Damned
    Lesser; 4th
    So a quasit now as a mediocre investment and according to the malconvoker guide the best combat summon monster VIII at level 17. This is one of those invocations that you probably at least train into later. Though it becomes useless once you hit epic epic possibly get Shadowmaster. Maybe add something inbetween at level 12 to keep people interested in it over time.
    That's a good idea. I'll have to look around for an appropriate demon without too many SLAs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Steed of the Damned
    Greater; 7th
    Not sure if it is worth a greater invocation. The 19th level kicker is great but I'm not sure wether it makes much difference at that level.
    Keep in mind that a nightmare grants the warlock the ability to travel the astral and ethereal planes at will, and thus any outer or inner plane, too. It's not just a steed, it's planar transport.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Vital Theft
    Least; 2nd
    Does it stack (temp HP and damage). If not its a nice starter for delivering damage at lower levels. which is probably what it is meant to do.
    No, they don't stack. It's intended as a low-level boost to help the warlock stay strong during a long encounter day at 1st-3rd levels. I may make it scale a little more, though, because it's not as good after that.
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