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Bonus Feats: At 3rd level, and again at 11th and 19th, the Solar Ascendant gains a bonus feat. These feats must come from the Fighter bonus feat list or be a [Divine] or [Domain] feat.
So...assuming you mean for this class to be primarily single classed, 1-20, its worth noting that gaining a [Divine] feat is absolutely worthless. ALL [Divine] feats and all but 1 [Domain] feats require TU to power them (granted, the devotion feats still get 1/day useage even without TU, but still). That means a Cleric1 or Paladin4 or Sacred Exorcist1 (assuming you get Dismissal or Banishment as an SLA) dip.

I dunno, it just seems kinda out of place, if you ask me.

Otherwise, cool class. I'm gonna allow one of these in my high level PbP game to replace one of the two characters I killed off in the last battle.