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So...assuming you mean for this class to be primarily single classed, 1-20, its worth noting that gaining a [Divine] feat is absolutely worthless. ALL [Divine] feats and all but 1 [Domain] feats require TU to power them (granted, the devotion feats still get 1/day useage even without TU, but still). That means a Cleric1 or Paladin4 or Sacred Exorcist1 (assuming you get Dismissal or Banishment as an SLA) dip.
The Divine feat thing is intentional, and Domain feats can be used without TU - they just require TU uses to use them more often. I wanted to do more than just give them Fighter bonus feats.

Otherwise, cool class. I'm gonna allow one of these in my high level PbP game to replace one of the two characters I killed off in the last battle.

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Nice. I had a player in my last campaign who wanted to play a solar, and I wrote up a 30-level solar monster class for him, but this would accomplish the same style and feel without all the balance headaches that came from trying to turn an epic monster into a playable PC monster class. Wish I'd had this around back then.
That's the intent, yep.

I have no recommendations for the class, but to improve readability of the table, you might en-brief-enate the labels to reduce text wrapping. So, for example, "Damage Reduction (2/evil)" could become "DR 2/evil", and "First Ascendancy" could become "1st Ascendancy".
Hm. I didn't see any text wrapping on any computers I used, and some of their monitors are quite small, but I'll look into changing it.