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If I might make a suggestion, for Servant of the Damned, why not have a Succubus appear at level 12? That's around the same level that any competent wizard can start planar binding similar things, and Succubi kinda fit the Warlock flavor quite a bit
That's easy: because a succubus can cast Charm Monster at will, with no limit on how many creatures she can have charmed. That makes an invocation that summons a succubus categorically better than the lesser invocation Charm-- which allows you to cast Charm Monster on one creature at a time--before even taking into account the fact that the succubus can also use Suggestion at will, and some other SLAs, and can fight and energy drain, and it's rolled up in the same invocation that lets you have a quasit and a vrock. Including a succubus would not only make this a more powerful invocation, but it would kill an existing one, which is not acceptable.

No, whatever I use needs to have no SLAs that are at-will unless they only affect the demon, the way that a vrock having Mirror Image at will doesn't really help the warlock stay alive, at least not directly.

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For the stat boosts, why not make it +4 with +2 per 7 caster levels over seven (or +2 with +2/7)? That way you get +6 at level 14 and then you don't hit epic until you are epic. It allows it to scale to some degree, but doesn't make it ridiculous.
I'd point out that just because a certain numerical bonus can't be purchased as an item until epic levels does not make a class ability that grants that bonus inherently epic. Protection from Spells grants a +8 resistance bonus to saving throws, but it's only an 8th level spell.

However, since everyone is more or less in agreement that SOMETHING has to change on the stat-boosting invocations, I'm going to try to come up with something that I feel will keep them better than what can be bought without being too powerful. I have some ideas that maybe I could give each one a bonus minor ability that would stay relevant even if the stat bonus was no better than what could be purchased.