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    The Holders
    Number Object Character in possession Player
    22 Holder of Chaos Zefir Zefir
    35 Holder of Fear Nephrim Earl of Purple
    42 Holder of the Star Feia ChaoticBob
    44 Holder of War Anya Reinholdt
    45 Holder of Peace Andy Zefir
    47 Holder of the Bloom Xifra Happyturtle
    55 Holder of Cruelty Xifra Happyturtle
    64 Holder of Nature Zefir Zefir
    80 Holder of Extravagance Prometheus ThirdEmperor
    81 Holder of Simplicity Prometheus ThirdEmperor
    86 Holder of the Lens Feia ChaoticBob
    94 Holder of the Self Jack Empty Murkus
    119 Holder of Cowardice Feia ChaoticBob
    123 Holder of Obsession What Magtok
    133 Holder of Compassion The Alpha ChaoticBob
    144 Holder of the Cost Moff Prime Moff Chumley
    155 Holder of Muse Prometheus ThirdEmperor
    156 Holder of the Shield Justinian Wolfbane
    176 Holder of Opening Doors Psi Haruki-kun
    181 Holder of the Five Rings The Alpha ChaoticBob
    195 Holder of Trade Xifra Happyturtle
    196 Holder of Penance Justinian Wolfbane
    227 Holder of Music Guitar Pete Project Mayhem
    327 Holder of the Western Seas Gulaghar Gulaghar
    378 Holder of Thirst Anyu Haruki-kun
    444 Holder of Serpents What Magtok
    448 Holder of the First Seed Dr. Adrian Rein/Sarah Rein Murkus
    468 Holder of Synchronicity Moff Prime Moff Chumley
    485 Holder of the Nibelung Reserved Gulaghar
    532 Holder of Eyes Feia ChaoticBob
    535 Holder of Banishment Isaac VampireRot
    1921 The Blade of Supremacy Andy Zefir
    2538 Holder of Legion Mary Legion Murkus
    Object Spreadsheet | Things to keep in mind

    This table is no longer being maintained, but it will be kept here for posterity reasons.
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