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    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Genetically Modified Perfected Human
    Age: He's physically and mentally around twenty eight years old, but he's been alive for less then a year.
    Alignment: Neutral SCIENCE!
    Class/Profession: Scientist
    Power Rating: B to A-


    Personality: Well, Prometheus finally got around to developing a personality, if you can call it that. Between being a massive control freak, an ever growing superiority complex and what is apparently genetic paranoia inherited from Riv, he ain't exactly the most pleasant person to be around.


    Abilities: Prometheus was born with innate knowledge of over twenty different styles of combat, armed and unarmed. Augmenting this inborn skill is his possession of Object 254, which grants near-perfect mastery of every martial art and every weapon he knows of, making him a formidable opponent in melee, to say the least.

    His strength has only increased with time and training, starting at Olympian levels and rising from there, to the point where he can match nearly any in a test of raw might. Outright supernatural beings may still have an edge on him though, at least those graced with unearthly strength.

    Finally, his genetic engineering allows him to withstand truly insane amounts of punishment as long as his heart, spine and brain remain intact, his upgrades complete with reinforced bones, reduced ability to feel pain, significantly heightened senses, night-vision and a set of metal claws that can cut through nearly anything with ease.


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