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    Bellan Vraal

    ...Those great men from the dead place, terrible bloody-red giants, with their voices like thunder and eyes like stars...

    Aliases: The Sundered Hand.

    Gender: Male, if one can tell by his voice.

    Race/Species: Clan Vraal, once part of a mighty starfaring race, the end result of unnatural evolution and adaptation. Their flight from Vraal-home and consequent delves into space and alternate dimensions has slowly warped their forms and minds. Vraal is the name they use, but their true name is simply unpronouncable in the Common tongue.

    Age: Pretty young, at least for his people.

    Alignment: Lawful Good, not entirely by choice.

    Class/Profession: Knight Repentant, a shamed warrior possessed of great power. Think fighter or minor battle-mage.

    Power Rating: B. Not very scaleable. He is adept at crushing lesser beings.

    Description: Realizing that his appearance tends to disgust, frighten or at least distract creatures of this Material plane, Bellan typical ensures that his body remains covered.

    He's about ten feet in height, and maybe five feet from shoulder to shoulder. Poking out from the top of his cloak is a spiked orange head, arching back and laced across the 'scalp' with a series of organic tubes. These tubes travel from the back of his skull and down beneath his cloak. He has two large, close-set green eyes, the sclera an odd shade of yellow, with black pupils. He likes the colors, and he wanted a visual receptor that could take in light in the same manner as a human.

    Bellan's face has a broad range of expression, with the mandibles that make up his mouth moving to imitate human facial musculature. It's only when he wishes to eat that his mouthparts spread, extending vicious serrated teeth along their lengths and a tubular tongue, along with two tiny pincers to grasp struggling meals. Ridges and curved grooves color his face, adding to the exotic appearance.

    His right hand appears to be three-fingered, soft and almost clawlike but for the blunt tips. His left hand appears to be missing, leaving a cracked green stump where it used to be. His skin his smooth and corrugated in spots, etched with beautiful patterns or strange inscriptions.

    Bellan makes quite a bit of noise while he moves about, and doesn't move quick very often. Likes to take his time. Conversely, he cannot speak loudly at all, as it constitutes some sort've pride he's not allowed to possess.

    Personality: He is both fascinated and appalled by a great many things on the Material Plane. He loves to explore, to learn and discover, but he liked doing it more on his home plane. He hates the death and darkness that plagues this place, causing him to come off as a cynic or pessimist at times.


    Pacifist: Will only kill or injure another living thing out of absolute necessity, and even then with great hesitation.

    Short-tempered: Self-explanatory. This, in tandem with the Pacifist trait, leads to a lot of pent up frustration.

    Moral Code: Though he's had his vices in the past, Bellan is perhaps the most moral individual you will ever meet. He is kind, compassionate, and selfless to the point of lunacy, which might mean he's not really any of those things deep down. Still, he has bound himself to the Wheel's will, a sort of Vraal code. The code is as follows:

    • Death without reason is the folly of the gods, and it shall not be permitted.

      Reason without morality is the folly of mortals, and it shall not be permitted.

      Morality without reason is the folly of good men, and it must be eliminated.

      Seek happiness in all things.

      Love all equally.

      Understand and defend all life.
    The list goes on.

    Abstaining: For the moment, Bellan takes little joy for himself. He does not permit much personal happiness, and his elders would frown upon any significant amount of self-indulgence. Of course, this isn't too big a problem - Bellan's not the most happy fellow.


    -One flawlessly straight longsword, with a blade of dark metal and an organic hilt. Would be an oversized greatsword for most regular humanoids.

    -A notebook carved out of some sort of purple-blue plant matter.

    -A bunch of odd things he's eaten. Healing salves, bandages, other magical medical gear.

    -A skintaker. It's essentially a small shapeshifting device that crams his massive form into another fully functional body. He often transforms into a pre-human to better blend in. That's a trick he learned from Zee, the former bartender at Trogs. This device also changes the size of his weapons and equipment, which is dreadfully convenient at times. Unfortunately, it also limits his strength and combat abilities to those of his current form.

    -An eye amulet (actual eye) that provides the following advantages:

    The amulet will take on different properties once Bellan exits the hospital. His connection with the world beyond (the spirit world) might be enhanced in some way that I cannot describe in addition to elevating his ability to slice through (or, now, possibly even craft) seemingly flawless illusions.

    The amulet might only function for Bellan. It regards him as its rightful master and has chosen him to wield it.
    -Very little else. Maybe a personal item or two.

    Abilities: Strong. Fast. Tough as a truck. Absorbs his equipment into his body effortlessly. Can absorb other materials and use them in other ways. For example, absorbing stone and reconstituting it as an exoskeleton. Can talk loud enough to hurt ears. He has some weaknesses too, but I'll figger em' out later.

    Has the ability to access a mystical Well, part of his worship for the Great Wheel. He dips his subconscious mind into the Well and can produce a variety of effects, generally some variety of healing. Healing people, buildings, minds... a great many miracles can be achieved through the power of his people's Faith. There is a limit to this power, though, and when he draws from it, he draws power from other Knights Ascendant, those who have surpassed him in their recovery from the blackest of sins.

    Backstory: To be fleshed out in game.
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