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I echo the sentiment that it should be a spontaneous caster, along the lines of the Beguiler or Dread Necromancer.

Also, it could really use a capstone. Right now, the closest thing it has is the ability to prevent people from being resurrected. It can be useful in the right situations, sure, but when your entire class is focused around a single function, and you've stuck with it for twenty levels, I feel like you deserve Regeneration, or the ability to cast True Resurrection for free, or something.
This'll sound like shameless self-promotion, but...

Notice that jiriku mentioned he wanted to do the Healer "in the flavor of the original", which means he intended to make it Wis-based prepared spellcaster instead of spontaneous specialist (which is the term I use to distinguish sorcerers and bards from beguilers, dread necros and warlocks). To resemble the original, he needs to make it a prepared spellcaster.

If not, and if he had the capstone you suggest...well, notice the first spoiler he has? That's basically suggesting he rips off my job; he decided that the capstone (basically, having none) and the abilities would be strikingly different from mine, echoing the original (which was basically prepared spells, a plethora of spells cast as spell-like abilities 1/day, and the unicorn companion which was the only ability that really progressed alongside spellcasting).

Besides, the class does have a capstone...basically it ends a chain of three level based abilities, gaining a plethora of spells, more powers, an extra feat and one more 9th level spell. Just because it doesn't have a named, unique capstone doesn't mean he doesn't has one (the level is quite certainly not-dead, and adding a capstone to that 20th level would make it really cluttered)

jiriku, one thing tho: text states that you learn new spells at 3rd level and then every 4 levels afterwards, table states you learn new spells at 4th level and then every 4 levels afterwards. Does 1st one apply, or does 2nd one apply?