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I've been browsing your stuff for the past few days, and I have to say I'm really impressed. I made some changes to my planning for upcoming game to use your elemental classes as the main arcane orders of the setting, because they fit so exactly with what I wanted them to feel like. Kudos!

One design note...please don't give in to people asking for 20th level capstones. I feel they're one of the worst design flaws in Pathfinder, simply because they're conceptually fun but gameplay irrelevant, as virtually no one plays at 20th level. Put game changing class abilities between 8-12th level, so they can actually get some use!
The main argument in favor of a big capstone is that it discourages multiclassing. No matter what you're doing, there's probably a prestige class out there that does what you're trying to do with the base class, that has some really cool unique features you can pick up by going into it.

By introducing a lategame capstone, you introduce a real tradeoff for multiclassing. Also, as you mention, so few games continue past 20, having a really cool gamebreaking capstone is largely irrelevant, so you can make that capstone exceedingly good and cool, without worrying too much about balance (and even if you are worried about balance, compare it to some of the stuff you get from multiclassing out and you figure 'eh, this really isn't that over the top afterall).

I'm not saying the Healer specifically needs something more than it already has at level 20. Eternal Rest is pretty cool. Having an at will make undead go away is always nice. It could easily be shifted up to 20 and be good... but then that leaves 19 as a dead level (and dead levels always suck). Maybe shift the Healer Bonus feats from level 5 + 1/5 levels to level 4+1/5 levels. This also solves the minor annoyance of the bonus feat and extra domain coming at the same level every time.