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    A tall, thin man, bent with age under a plain grey cloak shuffles along the road leaning heavily on his staff. A neatly trimmed, pure white beard sprouts from the hood, and ice-blue eyes glitter in the shadow, but little else of his appearance can be seen.
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    He looks you up and down, and asks you to state your name and business.
    The man eyes the guard from under the hood of his cloak. "Alwynn, my boy. A traveller in search of family", he answers in a cracked, wavering voice. "Thanking you kindly, son", he says as he walks on.
    You enter, and perceive, not without a faint stirring of unease, that the doors behind you have shut. Three other doors in opposite quadrants of the chamber also swing shut with a muffled thump. In front of each door stands a figure, looking around just as you are. A flame-like light from high above brightens the room and you can see each other clearly now.
    The bent and crooked figure, hood low over his wrinkled face, leans on his staff, sucking in rasping breaths. He smiles at the others, and gives the rambunctious whippersnapper an appreciative nod. "Now there's some good magic for tired old bones."
    You could swear that he spent a moment to give the chatty fellow an appreciative sweep of the eyes, but that doesn't seem a very venerable gentlemanly thing to do.

    OOC: Could we get some descriptions?

    Numerical stuff:
    DC for Age Self if interacted with: 15, unless I get an item that boosts my Charisma.
    Trickery check: Take 10 for 21 if I can Take 10, or (1d20+11)[21] if I can't.
    edit: Heh. 21 it is, then.
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