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Thread: The Gavisoria Games (IC)

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    A billow of hurried and stumbling pedestrians passes before the hulking orc and his entourage of highwaymen. One of the orc-kin, an obese ruffian clad in hide & soiled leather, carries a steel greataxe after the feral leader. The gang comes to a stop before the roadblock, giving cause to the guards' alertness. A fast-talking goblin steps forth to answer the captain's questions. They were simple mountain porters. Half of whom didn't speak the Common tongue. In town for the night, with coin for lodging.

    Once the brief detour is dealt with the gang lumbers forward. Round the bend and out of the guards' sight, the common bandits dissolve into the streets. Unburdened by the refuse, Sanfeng permits himself entrance to the foreign temple.

    Sanfeng steps through the inviting door. The gargantuan orc snorts and his shoulders deflate in disappointment.

    "Tidings," he grunts low. Sanfeng leers at the assembled adventurers, plainly doubting their parity to himself.
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