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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition LV - Once More, With Spirit

    Voting is Closed.

    And we had a tie between two incredible monsters: the Hatespawn and the Primal Troll. Which means that I have to decide. Damn it all.

    Anyway, after much deliberation, I've arrived at my decision. The winner of this month's GitP Monster Competition is...

    * MammonAzrael's Primal Troll *

    It was a really tough choice though...the Hatespawn is an amazing monster with a lot of potential as a recurring villain, but something about the flavor of the Primal Troll tickled my fancy, and I have to go with my instincts when deciding between two beautifully done creations.

    Congratulations to everyone for a really strong turnout! Monsters across the board were excellent and creative.

    And an unofficial Djinn's Choice "award" (no, you don't get an award...just some recognition) goes out to the Fireborn by unosarta. I simply adored the flavor of that entry...it would make for a superb short story topic.

    Anyway, well done all. Expect the next contest sometime today.
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