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    Skeppio 'Cybermage' Rexen

    Alias: Skeppio
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human (Cybernetically Augmented)
    Age: 21
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Affiliation: GLoG
    Class/Profession: Tech Mage (Sorceror with wide knowledge of machines)
    Power Rating: C / 4
    Description: Skeppio is a slightly tan human, with bright blue eyes, head-length unkempt brown hair and a light, lean build. Standing at 5' 7" (around 170cm), he does not impose a threatening presence. The most distinguishing feature of Skeppio is his mechanical arm, attached to his right shoulder by a large metal socket, riveted into place. The steel grey arm replaces his entire right arm, which he lost in a machine accident. Skeppio dresses well, typically wearing a blue tunic with gold trim atop a deep blue robe, along with navy blue shoes. He also wears a bronze cirlet on his head. All of his accessories feature gear motifs.
    Personality: Skeppio is optimistic and friendly. He is eager to assist others and generally make friends. Skeppio loves machines, and can build a variety of gadgets from little components. He tends to travel lightly, and favours light weapons. Lacking in physical strength, he prefers to deal with threats with his offensive magic, leaving the physical combat to his robotic guardians should he have any. Skeppio prefers order over chaos and has some trouble understanding truly chaotic people.
    Equipment: A steel mechanical arm (plus shoulder socket), a blue-tunic with Skeppio's symbol, a deep blue robe, navy-coloured leather boots (with blue laces), a laser pistol, a bronze circlet adorned with small cogs, and some money. Skeppio also carries a very interesting item, a wallet that contains as much money as he needs but not as much as he wants.
    Abilities: Skeppio has a variety of offensive and defensive spells from his development of his sorcerous talents. He prefers to use electrical or ice related spells, and loves small trick spells. His magic is used to offset his poor combat ability. In an emergency, Skeppio's arm can be overloaded, and used as a ranged explosive, although Skeppio very rarely chooses to do so.
    Backstory: Skeppio is a sorceror and fancier of technology who lived on a distant world, a small planet blanketed in ice and snow, named Ribo. Ribo also happened to be the resting place of countless stores of lost technology, which Skeppio researched diligently. Through an experiment gone awry involving teleporters and energy cells, Skeppio was sucked into an interdimensional portal, leaving him stranded in another world without any of his machines. He emerged in a quiet alleyway right near Trog's Tavern.
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