Janen fans herself lightly with outspread wings as she walks, delighting in the wonderful feel of the crisp, invigorating air rushing across her skin, which has the ever-so-subtle appearance of glistening white scales when viewed from the right angle. As she enters the citadel proper, the fanning slows, then stops, as her wings fold themselves across the rear of her armor, so as not to accidentally batter one of the others present with a careless flap.

"Robin's blessings indeed, friend," Janen replies, inclining her head in a brief nod and grinning cheerfully, revealing a set of teeth more akin to fangs than not.

"I am called Janen. It seems we all have common cause in this place, so I find there is little reason to be unsociable here and now." This last is directed toward Sanfeng with a quick wink of a scaled eyelid and another smile.