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    Elisabeth “Eadin” Seiren
    Alias: Eadin
    Gender: female
    Race/Species: Hydriad
    Age: A few hundred years, looks like she’s 20.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: NA
    Power Rating: /
    Description: Elisabeth is around 5’6” tall. She has dark brown hair reaching her shoulders, her bangs almost reach her eyes. She’s thin but not skinny, not lacking feminine features. . She has a pale complexion with a very faint blue hue, and deep dark blue eyes. Her tail is jade coloured with a dark blue hue. Somewhat of an otherworldly beauty.
    Not a fish!
    Personality: Pretty absent-minded. Like her alignment says, she’s a free spirit.Pretty selfish, prone to mood swings. Flirty.
    Equipment: She usually wears some kind of light robe and leggings. Has a leather belt with a pouch in which she keeps her belongings and money. Wears waterlilies in her hair.
    Always keeps a dagger underneath her robe
    Abilities: Water manipulation. Can change into a mermaid when in contact with water (doesn’t happen automatically) and can breathe underwater. Minor healing abilities (non-lethal wounds). Can't die from illness and old age.
    Other: Soul-bound to Galinai, is no longer immortal.
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