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    Spontaneous Casting: My philosophy is that if you want a healer with spontaneous casting and a capstone, you should use Oskar's healer. It's really quite good. But my schtick when remixing weak classes is to preserve the playstyle and feature set of the original class as much as possible. I want the class to play the same way as the original healer and do the same things as the original healer, but simply fill its role better and pull its weight in a party of Tier 3 classes. Still, spontaneous casting of at least some spells is a design goal since I'm blending a little more cleric into the healer (see below for notes on that).

    Oskar: Good catch. The table is wrong. I'll correct it.

    Renchard: Thank you! I'm really pleased. The elemental classes haven't seen much playtesting, so please give me your feedback. I'm open to adjusting them if they prove over/underpowered at any level.

    Realms of Chaos: I had the same concern. It's no godling, but I'm worried that I overshot the mark. I'm considering one or more of the following possible nerfs to reduce the power somewhat:

    1. Eliminate metamagic surge and improved metamagic for domain spells.
    2. Eliminate spontaneous domain casting and grant Spontaneous Healer as a bonus feat at level 1.
    3. Eliminate the free domain slot at level 1 and automatically grant the Cure domain at that level.
    4. Bar healers from taking the Death, Destruction, Strength, Undeath, or War domains.

    What do you think?
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