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    In the midst of your conversation, you are interrupted by a deep rumbling voice layered with benevolence and wisdom, full of earnestness but tempered by patience learned over the course of many years.

    "My friends, I am glad to make your acquaintance at last. Long have I laboured in anticipation of this day and I trust our future relationship will be one of trust and love. I feel that each of you is unknown to the rest of our gathering, so allow me to proffer forth my humble introductions. As Janen so wisely stated, there is little reason to be unsociable. My name is Novartis, ruler of these lands."

    As he finishes speaking, the magnificent gold dragon that appeared to you in your dream, soars gently down to the edge of the room. A faint rush of air around his wings echoes around the room, and he seems to glow with an internal fire. The looks at each of you in turn, and then faces the white-winged figure in front of him and continues his introductions. He looks towards each of you in turn.

    "The draconic figure of most recent oration is the noted Janen and to her right, is the aged servant of all that is good and lovely, Alwynn. Next we have Vinto, blessed by Robin and seeking to end the conflict of this land. And last, but far from least, is the brave warrior Sanfeng. I trust that you will become close friends and allies in the fight against the evil, still prevalent in this land."

    "I have followed your deeds with interest, and your actions have not gone unnoticed. Since years long past I have traced your paths to greatness and have considered your strengths and weaknesses. I have called you here for great purposes and vast rewards and I will assure you that your trust in me will not be forgotten."

    As he speaks, a tender passion rises in his voice. His voice grows deeper and softer, and his carefully chosen phrases flow off his tongue in a kind of rhythmic poetry.

    "For indeed, a great trial is upon this land, a trial that has been foreseen and been prepared for. Forces of some evil are gathering power and soon will make their move. It is with this in mind that I have chosen you as agents for the right, to defend the will of this land and prove the triumph of the righteous. However, I can not with force or strength of will commit your minds to join as one. The fellowship that I require must flow from each and all of you. I ask for your allegiance and your service and I trust that in each one of you my hopes will be fulfilled."

    "For through all of my considerations, one thing has been made clear to me. Against the darkest vilest foes, sheer force of arms and strength of numbers is not the key to victory. The power of friendship and strength of unity all grounded in our Robinís service are quite sufficient to rend the will of those who would in strife resist against us. The future of our land is now a venture, but no matter length or difficulty should the path of freedom prove, I am convinced that this, this band of brothers through our wisdom and our grace, will in our righteous might win through to victory absolute."

    Novartis pauses for a long few seconds and looks carefully at each of you. His great eyes blink momentarily then he continues with a whisper.

    "So, what say you? Have I your trust?
    There is no obligation or demand.
    I only beg you ask your heart
    And if itís nay, in peace depart."

    Silence fills the room and the air is heavy with expectation.
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