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Whoops, that was my bad. I wrote this fairly early/late depending on what you consider four or five AM without any sleep so there might be some errors. I did go back and scan over it but again with no sleep so might have missed some things.

This is going to be fairly wordy, and while I called it a Let's Play...there's really no other word for what it's going to be. I am going to be playing through the game and writing at the same time...so in a manner it is a Let's Play but I don't really have the time or desire to screen capture (Nor do I have the ability to do so) so words and art will have to do.

Thanks all for reading
Aye, it's understandable. It's ust going to take some time (well, for me and, I'm assuming, others like me). Anway, how old are White, Cheren, and Bell suppose to be? In the game they're like 12~ but they seem older here.