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    Novartis allows the sliver of a smile grace his face and suddenly his air of formality is vanished.

    "I thank you all. I knew my hope in you was not in vain. But the endeavour I set before you is perhaps a bit complicated and while I appreciate your eagerness Vinto, a bit of foreknowledge may make your task a bit easier."

    "My mission is perhaps a bit less rigid then you might expect. You have, over the years proven yourselves worthy of greatness. For some, the journey has been, and will continue to be difficult. You all have various goals in life, and I am not here to change them, instead, I am here to help you fulfil them. Yes, there are threats to our land but for now, the best way to combat them is to prepare you to meet them."

    "So yes, Sanfeng, there will be sporting trials and tests of strength. I know I am a stranger now, but I hope that I can win you to the cause of justice. Alwynn, I'm glad to hear your voice sounds younger then your years. I am honoured by your service. My will, Janen, will be made clear shortly, but we are in this together and I will not ask of you anything I should not do myself. And now, here is my offer."

    "As you know, magical items are quite limited and few are far between. I see that you have all located your share of them, but in the grand scheme of things, they are but trinkets. I, however, have over the years learned the whereabouts of ancient caches containing items of great potency. The acquisition of such artefacts will greatly aid you in your various duties and commitments. So what say you? Are you still interested?"

    Norvartis makes a small motion with his right hand, and in a brief moment the dragon disappears and in his place is a rather average looking man. Nearly six feet tall he is clothed in a flowing white tunic cinched around the waist with a wide metallic sash. His eyes remain a piercing gold and his face is firm with a mystic blend of youth and wisdom. He motions with a nod of his head and a simple wooden table appears circled round with five plain chairs. He takes a seat and motions you to all join him.

    "Come, let us discuss exactly what I have in mind for you."
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