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    Alias: None
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Troll
    Age: 21
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: Clan warrior
    Power Rating: C+
    Description: well muscled, even for a troll, Torg is a warrior through and through. he has the signature troll ponch, but that just adds weight to him. He has shaggy black hair and wears armor around his shoulders, waist, and ankles, making it double as a loincloth. He also has a massive club on hand most of the time, though he doesn't always need it because of his deadly claws and teeth

    Oh yeah, and He smells pretty horrible too, what with having lived in a marsh and being unwashed most of the time
    Personality: Torg is a rare troll that understands that other creatures fear being hurt, and has dedicated his life to protecting those who can't regenerate like he can. He can get a bit silly in attempting to protect others, but he is very much a willful and capable individual who tries his best to help people, whether that be with mundane things or defending their lives. For the most part, the only reward he wants for such behavior is food. Feed him, and he's a happy troll, but threaten people and he will destroy you.
    Equipment: He has the armor and club described above, but beyond that he doesn't own a thing. Well, except his holy symbol of Pelor, which gives him a little resistance to fire. Not much, but it's there.
    Abilities: Beyond his actually quite considerable skills in fighting, He has the troll's signature ability of regeneration. In fact, he could get his head cut off and it'll grow back within less than half an hour. Without hair, which he would destroy his opponent for, but any limb lost will regenerate in a similar manner. Keeping in mind, however, that acid and fire he'll only heal at a normal speed regarding being injured by them.
    Backstory: To Come Later
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