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    Alwynn cocks an eyebrow at the dragon. "I would not expect to fool you. Surely you flatter me..." He sighs, "I was hoping for a more dramatic revelation, but it feels rude to sit down to conversation under a lie."
    He tosses his hood and cloak back, and as he does so the wrinkles and frailness fade away. His hair and beard remain purest while, but his face is the relatively young visage of a hale and healthy - and extremely handsome - man somewhere around his 40s, what wrinkles he does still sport all smile-lines clustered about his eyes and mouth and mostly serving to make him look friendly and approachable rather than aged. He is straight and tall, but not toweringly so, with clear ice-blue eyes and lithely muscled limbs. Previously hidden beneath his drab cloak he is dressed in something like a Keikogi of very fine silk the colour of the roof of the sky in late afternoon, delicately embroidered in intricate floral patterns the colour of forget-me-nots.
    He strides with an easy liquid grace to the table. He pauses to pull out a chair invitingly for Janen before taking one for himself. He leans his staff carefully at his side, always within inches of his hand.
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