Gender: Programmed as male.
Species: Robot
Age: 12 years
Alignment: Whatever Phil wants.
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"Thanks," Phil smiles and Rho withdraws his hand, beeping happily and seeming to smile without a mouth.
"Rho, show Harnel what I've installed so far."
Rho nods, turning in his seating, then takes a step back. The plates that are meant to move flip, roll, and slide out of the way, allowing a variety of cameras, power cables, USB ports, areas for hooking up various other electronics, short-barreled guns, some small rockets, smaller robots that can be detached, generators, screens, recording devices , blinking lights, and small motors that seem to be used for control of flight direction. A bigger pair of motors pops out the back, as well as a well-padded seat about Phil's size.
"He's also got some minor shielding systems, and can see in the entire known electromagnetic spectrum, as well as most radiation types that travel in wave form. I just need to add a voice and finish my networking system so that he can take indirect control of the rest of my robots."
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Phil is about, followed by a large walking machine. Both seem to be ignoring what's going on in the rest of the city. The machine is a humanoid robot, seven feet tall, hunched over slightly, no head, with large, ovoid and shining black forearms and lower legs as thick as tree trunks. The legs have feet made up of a circle of five flat but wide short toes for balance, and each arm ends with five long, sausage thick silver fingers made of thick bunches of wires. The upper arms and legs are only about as thick as human ones, and are made of a silvery metal and wrapped in bunches of wires of various colors. The body is shining black with a single shining dark blue stripe running top to bottom form the left shoulder to the left leg, and is shaped like some large, hulking torso. The torso is made up of three pieces, the lower area, and two areas that could be defined as 'pecs'. There are several plates that look like they could flip up or slide out of place to reveal something hidden within. Plugged into the torso, near the top, and snugly nestled into a comfortable looking spherical crevice, is a light gray and deep red robot shaped like a fist sized 20 sided die with several antennae and extra bits attached to it and a single red camera lense eye that's skewed to the right a bit.

Every once in a while, Phil finds a good looking piece and hands it to the robot.

Personality: Playful, prone to showing off, easily distracted if bored, and completely loyal to Phil. Has the social skills and learning capacity, but has a super computer for a brain and the combat skills of some of history's greatest recorded power suit warriors when in his suit. Has a thing for dramatic timing and can be remarkably wise, grim, or mature at times.
Abilities: Basic hovering robot scout stuff, though his battle suit makes him an experienced fighter.
Equipment: A large external suit that has a variety of different weapons and tools installed.
Backstory: Was the first robot Phil ever made when Phil was just a child, and has gone through multiple upgrades, hardware and software changes, and reboots since then. Is the most receptive to Phil's magic, and no matter how times Rho is rebooted, 'he' is always quickly sentient again thanks to the side effects of Phil's powers.