"Well, it may be a bit early yet, but Sanfeng, would you mind brewing us some tea?" He gestures towards a small table near the wall laden with five cups and a pot of steaming water and quips with a small grin: "The water is quite warm, I can assure you of that."

"Now regarding these items: they are indeed ancient tools of great power. The clerics of Robin have not destroyed them nor, I believe, even found of their existence. In part, I have chosen each of you for your ability to effectively wield their power. However, they are not exactly free for the taking. The weapons are scattered amid the plentiful ruins that dot the landscape of Arkios. Exactly what creatures may now inhabit those ruins I am not sure, but I am certain it will be no easy task to recover them. However, figures of your calibre should find yourselves sufficient for that task and whatever you find is yours to keep. I have no need of such items and in any case, my duties prevent me from seeking them myself."

Norvartis's face is darkened with a grave shadow as he continues.

"Unfortunately, I am not the only one with knowledge of these items. Several others with hostile intentions are also mounting forces to see them out. Time, therefore, is not our own to spend as we might wish, but lest we see our foes in triumph, we must forge out with due expediency."

"However, we will not start today so mad haste will not become us. Rejuvenate and refresh yourselves"