Sanfeng excuses himself from the table at which Novartis sits. The towering orc shuffles toward the tea table, sweeps the front of his traveler's cloak away, and from a kneeling position, eases his weight back and onto his heels. From his formal seated position, Sanfeng rinses the dishware in water and lines the pot with leaves. He watches the steaming pot bubble quietly. Once the bubbles diminish, Sanfeng holds the water aloft, pouring it into the teapot from a height.

The monk busies himself in silence, yet the sizzle and patter of water and pleasing aroma of rinsed leaves announce his handicraft. The stream of water trickles out just before the teapot overflows in its catching bowl. Sanfeng scoops the debris off its surface gently and pours the first brew. He sets the cups aside and refills the pot, this time from a low pour. Sanfeng sits at the tea assemblage for several minutes. He stirs the surface again delicately, scooping away the bubbles and placing the lid back atop the pot. He decants the piping cups of weak brew over the teapot's outside and, waiting another half minute, pours the first cup.

Sanfeng rejoins the table with a platter, the leaf-bedded pot, and five cups of quality oolong. Without having to lean much over, the orc lays the refreshments in the center of the table and takes his seat.