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Thread: [3.5] Healer Remix: God's Left Hand

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    WHACK goes the nerf-bat!

    • Eliminated Advanced learning.
    • Removed the interactions between domains and the features that mitigate metamagic costs.
    • Restricted domain choices for the domains granted at 1st level.

    With these restrictions, I think the Healer still has the freedom to define secondary roles for himself outside of mere healing, but he's not likely to be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME at them, and certainly won't be as strong as he is when operating within the intended core class function of healing and buffing.

    I'm also considering the idea of heal w/buff rider. I like the concept, just need to decide on how to implement, and what I might be willing to sacrifice to make room for it.

    Feedback from all and sundry is still welcome.
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