Janen accepts the steaming tea with a less than enthusiastic nod of thanks. She looks down at the tea for a long moment, then back to Alwynn, then back to the tea. Finally, she raises the tea to her lips, breathes in deeply, then exhales a short burst of ice and frosty wind. She sets the cup on the table and places a finger over it - a finger that promptly becomes a razor-sharp claw, with which she slices and lifts out a perfectly square section of the now frozen tea, which she pops into her mouth.

"Excuse my lack of manners. I simply cannot abide warm drinks of any variety. They upset my stomach most fiercely." She looks around the table for any sign of offense, then continues. "With regards to these objects of power, master Norvartis... is there any more that you can tell us of them, or of those who would oppose us? It is difficult to be overprepared in such situations, I have found."