Norvartis takes another small sip of tea and then places the cup down on the table. As he leans forward he face takes on a sterner look as he folds his hands in front of him.

"As far as the magic items are concerned, I do not know all the specifics. After all, they have been hidden for hundreds of years. What I do know is that they will be of particular use to each of you: complementing your skills and bolstering your weaknesses."

"Your concern is well noted Janen, and I shall tell you what I know. These various ruins are located in the land of Arkios and as such will prove difficult to reach. You are all aware of the dangers of travel the region, so I trust you will take all due care to protect yourself when necessary. As I mentioned earlier, our foes have also become cognizant of these items and seek them to further their own power. I do not know the exact nature or number of these other seekers, but they must not be taken lightly. You will undoubtedly meet friends as well as enemies but exercise caution and diligence. Things will not always be as them seem."

"With that said though, it is vital that you reach these items first. You are quite correct Vinto, pre-emptive haste is indeed my plan and your analogy is well taken. However, before you start, I have a gift for you. My duties as ruler of this land require my retention here, but I will spare what power I can to assist you in your task. If I can not be with you in person, at least I can be with you in spirit. If any of you have any remaining doubts, speak now for after the ritual is completed, we will all be explicitly linked. You all come from different backgrounds you do not know each other well, but I trust you will become close over the coming days. Are you ready to complete our allegiance?"