Vinto searches within himself for resolve. On one hand, he knew how easily magic such as he possessed could kill as well as heal. Some might argue it could kill easier, for life is fragile and delicate to maintain. Magic to dwarf this, then, might destroy towns instead of individuals, in the wrong hands. He visibly shuddered at this thought, bile rising in his throat. He'd always assumed that to be an exaggeration, in stories - he'd never experienced it firsthand. It was as unpleasant as it sounded.

On the other hand, could even he really be trusted with such power? How easy it would be to forget the limitations of mortals - with the apparently mere spark he had now, he could remove sickness, regrow limbs, and perform other miracles unheard of in nature. How much further removed from humanity is it possible to move, given the best intentions?

Boldness won out - His conviction comes from helping others, and he would be living a lie to himself if he did not lend his aid to this cause, in this moment.

He closes his eyes, and nods. "You can count on me."