"Ah my friends, there is no need to worry. You need not give up anything; I merely offer you the opportunity to draw upon my power when needed. It will only last as long as you desire and there will be no encroachment on your freedom. I shall bear the burden; you will share the honour."

"You may refuse if you so desire, but I remind you that the Dragon's Favour is not a gift lightly to be tossed aside and it will make your enemies think twice before attempting to cross the path of the chosen ones of Norvartis. Have no fears Sanfeng, I will not tolerate any imposition of our trust. If there be no objections, then let us start for our quest will brook no delay."

Norvartis reaches a hand into his voluminous robes and draws out a flattened globe of some polished stone or crystal. Its surface is a glossy pearly colour with specks of some kind of golden thread running through it. It seems to emanate a sense of timelessness and almost suggests that the dragon himself must seem young indeed to an item of such age. As you look at it, there seems to be an energetic swirling of colour beneath the surface almost as if it were alive. He places it in the centre of the table, and looks around at each of you.

"This, my friends, is the great Orb of Xeinophyx and it will be the focus for the ritual. There is nothing to fear and nothing required of you but to place your hands upon while I grant you my Favour."