Name: Tumbili
Race: Monkey Spirit
Age: Uhm...somewhere roughly around 3,000 or so
Alignment: Crazy...insane...bananas...
Class: Do we have to be specific here?
Gender: Well usually male, but he can reincarnate as a female...
Height: Usually about 5'10" or so
Weight: Usually around 150lbs.

Appearance: My avatar. Imagine a human sized monkey walking around in a black fitted shirt ; loose sleeves, black baggy pants; tied at the shins, and a black sash. Hand wrappings and sandals complete the ensemble. Add large ears, orange eyes, massive mane of hair, black fur, tan skin, black tail, monkey feet ( observable without sandals) and an incessant grin, and there you have it.

Backstory: Gee...uhm....well...he's a monkey spirit...not much else...

Weapons/Powers: He has a long bamboo pole and the ability to create and control any kind of monkey he so desires, what else do you need? As an additional bonus, he has outstanding acrobatic abilities, and can communicate with animals.

Behavior: Oh boy! Pretty much, he does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants, where he wants, with whom he wants, for whatever reason he wants, or makes every attempt to do so. He loves to be physically active, has a short attention span, and hates sharp and or pointy things. He loves to eat, and especially loves bananas. In one word, insane.

Note: Tumbili is a spirit, and therefore very hard to destroy. He takes over the body of a monkey when his current physical form is destroyed. Therefore, his body is not immortal, but he pretty much is. The only way to end him permanently would be to take him into a magically shielded room that spirits can't escape, make sure no monkey's are present, kill his current form, then perform an exorcism. If not, then he will just take over the body of another monkey and come back. It may take him a while, but, he's done it before.