Combat Focus: The intent is that a disciplined fighter cannot gain focus more than once per round, because only the first successful attack qualifies. I have adjusted the feat text to clarify this.

Combat Awareness: Base attack requirement is lowered from +12 to +8. Sense Motive bonus is implemented.

Combat Defense: We still use a targeted Dodge, but the remixed version already includes an immediate action targeting option, so the root use of the feat was superseded by the remix. I was already intending to implement a Combat Form feat granting armor bonus to touch AC, and it just seemed to me that I might as well stash that ability here and salvage the feat.

Combat Strike: Base attack requirement is lowered from +15 to +12. Allowing the Expend feature on CS to combine with another Expend feature would be a bit much, I think, as that grants the disciplined fighter an extremely large static bonus every round. Perhaps it would be more reasonable if I assigned the bonus a type, such as competence or insight.

Combat Adjustment: Yes, this feat was originally called Focused Reflexes. Adjusted text to show the current name.

Combat Discipline: Since two people feel the feat needs more oomph, I upgraded the Expend ability to auto-counter the hostile spell effect, and made it effective against spell-like abilities as well.

Combat Guardian: I'm sympathetic to the MAD concerns, but I'm not sure what I can do. Wis 13 is a prerequisite of Combat Focus, Int 13 is a prerequisite of Combat Expertise, and Dex 13 is a prerequisite of Combat Reflexes. I do in fact have some tools for the remixed fighter to manage MAD effectively. And I suppose I could extend the defense to ALL allies within reach, and eliminate the Dex 13 and Combat Reflexes prerequisites. Thoughts on this?

Also, what is Allied Defense? I don't know it.

Combat Psychic: New feat! Yo dawg! We heard you like focusing, so we put a combat focus in your psionic focus and a psionic focus in your combat focus so you can use your focus to focus your focus while you're focusing your focus with your focus!

Combat Tempo: As many of you suspected, this is intended to provide a refresh mechanic for characters who have martial maneuvers but not a refresh mechanic. I have edited the text to make this clear. It does in fact crush Adaptive Style and leave it bleeding in the dirt once you have seven other feats... but then again, you have to get the seven other feats.

God of War: The strongest feat on the list, it was bound to provoke controversy. I have revised the text and added a specific restriction to make clear my original intent, which is that you can only expend your focus for God of War once per round.

Lengthy commentary:
Many of you have expressed concern about this. Let me say first of all that an 18th level fighter is a Big Damn Hero, and other characters ought to piss their codpieces at the mere thought of crossing blades with him. ALL other characters.

Let's remember that hunter's mercy, a 1st-level ranger spell, and surge of fortune, a 5th-level cleric spell, also provide a free nat 20, and that it is not hard to quicken these spells without increasing their spell slot.

Moreover, remember that a critical hit is just that - a particularly nice stab with a sword, equivalent to two or three or four successful attacks. It is not on par with time stop, gate, maw of chaos, or even wail of the banshee.

A disciplined fighter with God of War swinging a vorpal sword is in fact a scary, scary thing. As he should be, after investing seven feats and a +6 weapon! However, at best he can decapitate one foe per round. And let's remember that swarms, oozes, incorporeal creatures, constructs, and many plants and undead aren't particularly concerned by a vorpal weapon. Also, even a natural 20 can miss -- miss chances are highly prized because they can defeat critical hits. Finally, the fighter has to be entitled to attack. Much ado has been made in other places on this forum about the ability of battlefield control magic to prevent a character from attacking. Actually, the option to auto-pass a saving throw is probably more powerful in many situations, precisely because it can be a get-out-of-jail-free card when the fighter is hit with many SoD, SoS, or SoL spells.

Recall also that God of War also carries an opportunity cost -- the fighter has to commit no fewer than seven feats to the combat form chain; that's seven feat slots that can't be devoted to doing other things. This may not impress you much because there's slim pickings for high-level martial feats, but I have a bag of tricks coming down the pipeline that will make every day feel like Christmas morning for fighter fans -- including some feats that would make God of War curl up and cry in a corner.