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    Default Re: [3.5] Feat-balancing help needed - Combat Form feats

    Yeah, my concern with God of War was even expecting it to only be once/round. I just don't like the idea of someone strolling up to my Ranger and just auto-killing me outright. No save, no attack roll 'cuz it went auto-crit.
    And then he does it to my ally barbarian the next round. Indeed, the only way for PCs to combat an enemy such as this effectively is to be a mage or have well thought-out magic items and luck.

    Also interesting: such a Fighter could also have Weapon Supremacy, getting an auto-20 once/round as well as an auto-10, 2 rolls for each attack, and +5 to whichever one actually has a chance of missing. At least you can't combine God of War with Combat Strike... yet.

    Combat Psychic is interesting -- The ramifications of any psionic character being able to regain combat focus as often as needed (but at a high action economy cost) is fascinating. I'm not saying it's bad. It definitely shakes up the possibilities.

    Combat Strike -- you're getting into what I feared. Balancing the feats around the Disciplined Fighter means these may as well be class features, because they're really not meant for Scouts and Marshals and Monks, oh my.

    Combat Guardian -- Combat Reflexes does not, in fact, require DEX 13. It's just worthless until you have about that much DEX. I forgot about the WIS req on Combat Focus itself. So yeah, I'd ditch the DEX req and perhaps the INT req as I mentioned before (for people who get it granted, such as some monks).

    Allied Defense is a feat that provides your Combat Expertise bonus to AC to all adjacent allies. It's in a Faerun book - Shining South. A level 20 Fighter could use Superior Expertise, Allied Defense, and Combat Guardian to give themselves and all adjacent allies +40 AC, as well as +20 to any allies within their extended reach. Not necessarily overpowered -- not like you're going to be hitting anything. Gogo stacking dodge bonuses. Also, because you forgo the benefits of CE, you can't gain the benefits of Allied Defense until you get 3 combat form feats. So not a bad feat to grab AFTER your 3rd.

    I also noticed another slight problem with Combat Guardian. The Expend effect requires you to make an attack roll, which means using combat expertise (and thus, the feat itself) makes the Expend harder to pull off.
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