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    1. That was a holdover from an earlier version of the healer that gained divine surge at level 2. I usually spend about 20-30 hours building these classes before posting them, and the extensive revision process sometimess bites me in the ass. It's now corrected.

    2. I'd add factotum to that list, and warlock can be made suitable with a very minor fix (we give it an eldritch blast of 1d6/level, and two invocations at 1st level + 1 new invocation every level thereafter -- works great!). Barbarian is not really functional.

    I've been working on a fighter remix for the past six months (fighter is much harder to fix than the other classes) which upgrades/replaces the barbarian, fighter, marshal, and samurai. I'll be posting it in Homebrew for further feedback and review once I finalize the dawnblade and the healer.

    Down the road, I also expect to be writing the Prophet, an aggressively focused divine caster, the Shapeshifter, an arcane transmutation specialist, the Seer, an arcane divination/abjuration specialist, and probably a rewrite of the warmage.

    Near term, you could also look into some other homebrew. T.G. Oskar has a decent warmage fix, Frog Dragon has a good Seer class, and Benly has made the Divine Soul, a domain caster that I particularly like.

    Edit: I have added a fortified healing option to divine surge, allowing you to add a lower-level buff spell to a higher-level healing spell once per round. I removed the immediate counterspell divine surge option to make room for it, since that ability didn't really mesh well with the rest of the class features anyhow.
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