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    Alias: Alpha
    Gender: N/A
    Race/Species: Robot
    Age: 0
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Affiliation: Skeppio, GLoG
    Class/Profession: Bodyguard
    Power Rating: D / 3
    Description: Alpha is a large and burly robot, about a head taller than an average human. Alpha is a dull metallic grey colour, his hands being darker than the rest. Alpha's head is little more than a metal sphere with a single cyclopean eye in the middle. His torso bears an emblem identical to the one on Skeppio's blue tunic.
    Personality: Being an automaton, Alpha does not have his own personality. He follows Skeppio's orders without question. However, he is programmed to protect himself from destruction even if that would conflict with Skeppio's orders.
    Equipment: Lots of steel plating, a few handfuls worth of bolts and a bunch of electronics.
    Abilities: Alpha boasts high endurance, and great physical strength. In contrast with his bulky frame, Alpha can run at high speeds, though this expends a large amount of energy.
    Backstory: Alpha is built from the remains of several broken robots scavenged by Skeppio. He was built to protect and assist his creator.
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