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    Faction Name: The Hunters or The Imbued
    Origin: During the past few weeks, seemingly following the fall of the Empire, some ordinary humans in Inside and Riverside began to experience a strange phenomenon. When confronted by a supernatural threat of some sort, they would recieve a message - a voice, a suddenly appearing writing or something else altogether - urging them to take action. When they did take action, they found themselves equipped with strange powers that helped them drive away, kill or otherwise neutralize the monsters and save innocent humans around them. They managed to find each other and decided that whoever sent those messages had a plan in mind - but they don't know what plan, exactly.
    The truth they don't know is that they were contacted by mysterious beings known as the Messengers or Heralds. In a far away world, they sent select mortals to fight the forces of darkness gripping their society from hiding. In the Nexus, they seem to have a similar goal, even though the monsters work in the open here.
    Goals: Although they don't know who or what the Heralds want, the Imbued have a clear goal - protect the citizenry of Inside from the depredations of supernatural beings. Many of the Imbued, even those who don't hail from there, also see it as their goal to release Riverside from the grip of vampires. They differ on the subject of the exact ways of achieving those goals, of course.
    Members: The number of the Imbued is small, but growing. Men and women from all spheres of society are chosen and given powers. What they have in common is strong convictions - which seems to be what fuels their powers. The weak-minded, complacent and cowardly do not seem to recieve the Call. The hunters come in seven kinds called Creeds:
    • Avengers: Those who want to take the battle to the enemy and see the supernatural monsters destroyed.
    • Defenders: Those who focus on defending their homes, friends, family and neighbourhoods from danger.
    • Judges: Those who seek to make impartial judgements and do whatever the greater good demands.
    • Martyrs: Those who sacrifice everything for the cause, often to atone for real or imagined sins.
    • Innocents: Those who remail open-minded, hopeful and optimistic even in face of sanity-defying monstrosities.
    • Redeemers: Those who want to help first and foremost as well as save all the monsters that can be saved.
    • Visionaries: Those who ask questions, seek answers and try to understand the enemy and their mission.

    Apart from that, there are the Imbued's non-Imbued allies. Although the Hunters work in secret so as to strike the monsters from hiding, some ordinary folk do know of them and help them. While lacking in powers, these people aid the hunters either directly in combat or by information and resources and should not be underestimated.
    Resources and abilities: The Imbued come from all backgrounds, giving them a diverse set of resources and links - if they pool them together, which isn't always easy.
    All Imbued have access to supernatural abilities. Each and every of the hunters can invoke Second Sight - a power that lets them see through illusions and magical masquerades and shields their minds agaisnt supernatural influence. They can "lend" this ability to others in a way, by ridding them of supernatural mental influence. All hunters also have a degree of resistance to harmful magic. Other powers depend on a hunter's Creed and experience. In general, they tend to work on supernaturals only, but not always.
    What is important is that until the Imbued use their powers, they're for all benefits and purposes normal, mortal humans. This allows them secrecy, but makes it difficult to recognize each other.
    Strengths: The Hunters' strength lies in their numbers and diversity as well as secrecy. They can strike from amongst the seemingly defenseless population pretty much anywhere. They're also very hard to magically fool or control.
    Weaknesses: When it comes down to it, the hunters' powers aren't very formidable. But their greatest weakness is the lack of organization - not only do they not understand their powers yet, but they're by default strong-willed people with firm convictions, meaning they don't back down and compromise easily.

    Notable Hunters:

    Johann Pannevitz:
    A tall, wiry, bald man with an ugly scar on his face and a gleam of fanatic conviction in his eyes. Johann is an ex-Imperial soldier and a Hunter following the Creed of Judgement. He leads the faction of the Imbued that wants to root the vampires out of Riverside. He possesses considerable powers for a Hunter and is an expert marksman.

    Michael Baksinski:
    A skinny and bespectacled man, generally not someone you'd expect to fight monsters, Michael, a Visionary, is nonetheless one of the leaders of the moderate faction of hunters in Riverside. He's an academic man and tends to be in charge of research.

    Elizabeth Marge:
    A quiet, soft-spoken short woman who tends to dress in grey, plain-looking clothing, Elizabeth belongs to the Creed of Redemption and is another of the leaders of the Riverside moderates. She usually stays in the back, advising other hunters and only stepping forward to talk to the monsters they deem worthy of it.

    Daniel Hernandez:
    Born in the Red Zone, Hernandez is a muscular Hispanic man with a perpetual frown on his face. He's a Hunter from the Creed of Vengeance and one of the unofficial leaders of the Imbued in Inside. He's said to be among the first to be Imbued. He's strong and an experienced brawler - he works for a mechanic.

    Vincent Solomon:
    An Innocent, Solomon is a rather think black man wearing glasses - or sunglasses - and immaculate clothing, usually suits. He's highly intelligent and well-spoken and another leader of the hunters in Inside.

    Lee Kwon:
    Another Judge and a well-build Asian woman in her thirties, Lee is the last member of the Inside triumvirate of senior Hunters. She's gruff and to the point and she tends to spend most of her time monitoring supernatural activity in the city.
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