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    Default Re: [3.5] Feat-balancing help needed - Combat Form feats

    Interesting idea on the touch AC. Ya touch AC normally scales at 0.25 or so per level, so that plus half of 0.5 is 0.5 or so, right what you need. Make sure it starts at a reasonable value and you're good to go. +4 from half of +8 is probably fine.

    If your group is ok with uberchargers then the PA helping feat may even be a little weaker as-is and fine. Though ya remove the nigh-useless static ability so it doesn't become trap bait.

    Decent SR at level 17? Not sure, everything seems crazy at level 17. Still seems like a lot for only 1 feat. If you wanted something like 4+level, 8+level, 12+level from 3 feats then that might work, maybe even at an earlier level. Or requiring a large number of combat form feats to get to 8+level or something else on par with those or a mix.

    Ya if you allow DMM and persist (and DMM persist) then matching cleric cheese isn't so bad, and anything that mimics a cleric spell should be allowed cheaply even if it would be OP otherwise. Choose destiny is OP as a swift IMO, but not compared to DMM persist.
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