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    Default Re: [3.5] Feat-balancing help needed - Combat Form feats

    Shutting down one tactic only encourages the DM to send another tactic or else watch you curbstomp his encounters. At the same time 90%+ of gaming groups seem civilized enough that casters don't cause a problem, and it isn't because they're holding back. It's because what's on the internet is only 2% of what's out there and they don't spend their free time on forums nor searching for that 2% nor actively trying to break the game.

    It's actually better and easier to take away the "I win" buttons on both. No uberchargers, and anything might make its low save even without optimization. Or carry a simple cheap mundane backup for common tactic X. Like flour bombs for invisibility, and/or DC 20 listen checks. Then you're playing a game where anything might or might not work, PCs make clever plans and it's fun again.
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