The League Rules

1. Should a Trainer find themselves without shelter on their travels, they are allowed to ask the nearest home to give them safe housing for up to eight hours. Any time after eight hours can be granted on the home owner’s discretion. Should a Trainer cause undue stress or harm, the homeowner may exercise their full rights to remove the offending Trainer.

2. No Trainer or common person can carry more than six inhabited Pokémon on their person at one time. Those found violating this law are subject to a fine not exceeding 200,000 Yen.

3. Trainers must present all eight badges to the League officials to gain entry to the Victory Road

4. Unofficial Badges are not recognized as legal tender to gain entry into Victory Road. Creation of false Badges will be met with fines not exceeding 500,000 yen.

5. The League is not responsible for harm befalling Trainers on Victory Road

6. Trainers may not steal other Trainers Pokémon. Failure to obey this law will be met with immediate incarceration upon proof of failure to comply.

7. Trainers may not use their Pokémon to harm other Trainers or people. Failure to obey this law will be met with immediate incarceration upon proof of failure to comply.

8. Upon presenting Gym Badges, Trainers may access exclusive goods at Pokemarts that sponsor League Charter.

9. Trainers cannot turn down a Trainer Battle nor can they run from a Trainer Battle once it’s started.

10. The losing Trainer in a Trainer Battle must forfit over earnings not exceeding half their current earnings.

11. Trainers may work other jobs while on their League Journey but may not earn more income from side jobs then they earn during Trainer Battles. Earnings exceeding this total become taxable as appropriate.

12. Gym Leaders are permitted to leave their Gym though failure to indicate such activity to the League will result in the removal of Gym Leader status.

13. The League can exercise the right to acknowledge another Gym Leader for any chartered Gym.

14. Gyms much be affiliated with a corresponding Type from the seventeen known Types. Gyms owned by former Champions are exempt from this rule.

15. Current Champions are prohibited from running a sanctioned Gym during their time as Champion.

16. Champions are permitted to leave their position so long as they leave a proxy in their place. Proxies can confer the Right of Passage on any able to defeat them while the current Champion is away.

17. Any Trainer with the Right of Passage may challenge the Champion without battling the Elite Four upon his or her return.

18. Champions beaten by a Trainer with the Right of Passage cannot claim Ex-Champion Status.

19. Trainers and the League are not exempt from international law and can be called on by the International Police Services during a time of Emergency to act as Deputies of the Law.

The Seventeen Pokémon Types

Normal: Pokémon resembling real world animals

Fire: Pokémon that harness the power of fire or found in inhospitable, hot climates. A common type for beginning trainers

Water: Pokémon found in bodies of water such as fish. A common type for beginning trainers

Grass: Pokémon that either are made up of plants or bare a close relationship to nature. A common type for beginning trainers

Electric: Pokemon that can harness electrical currents

Psychic: Pokemon with above average intelligence, quite rare and powerful

Ice: Pokemon that often live in frigid climates or are made of ice

Dragon: Pokemon baring resemblance to Dragons, typically quite powerful with near legendary status

Ghost: Pokémon that are either the ghosts of deceased Pokémon or merely spiritual entities

Dark: Devious or abnormally violent Pokémon, a fairly rare type.

Steel: Pokémon typically made from metal, marked for their high defensive natures

Bug: Pokémon resembling real world insects

Rock: Pokémon made from rock or having a strong relationship with the earth

Ground: Pokémon most often found in caves and underground, shares a close relationship with Rock Type Pokémon

Fighting: Physically powerful Pokémon, they often resemble humanoid shapes.

Flying: Pokémon with the power of flight, often birds of some variety

Poison: Noxious or toxic Pokémon, often times just as harmful to their trainers as Pokémon