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    Default Re: Let's Play Pokemon White: A Different Take on the Same Old Story

    @N's Age- I've changed the character's age and N was at least close enough in appearance to the other characters I didn't feel it'd be much of a stretch.

    @Naming-I'm accustomed to referring to those three as their Japanese names but I was also going to use the Japanese names for Gym Leaders and the Elite Four since I didn't edit their names to the English version. The only character name that's been rendered in English is Ghetsis and that was simply for ease of writing since I'd need to Copy/Paste ē each time I wrote about him. Since he was a fairly prominent character and it breaks writing flow to stop and copy/paste it, his name was left in English. I could work my Word filter to auto-correct that as well, but since he's been introduced as Ghetsis I will probably stick with that name instead.

    I play in spurts and write, though use a bit of prior knowledge from my first play through and artistic license on things to fill in the gaps and flesh out the story. Because of this, the names of the Pokemon I catch are fresh in my mind in English, thus they get written down in English. The only reason the comes through is because Microsoft Word auto-corrects it in.

    The City/Town names being in English is because despite character naming, I am trying to keep everything else in English. Maybe it all seems a little arbitrary but there's a method to the madness.
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