Nykthog the Shadow that Lives (Vestige)
Level: 6th
Binding DC: 30 (26 for dragons and dragonblood creatures)
Legend: Some claim Nykthog as a god, worshipped by shadow worshipers and dragon cultists. Others claim he is merely a vestige and those who worship him as a god have become mistaken through some plot of the dark vestige. Neither are quite right. When the spiritual mass that became Nykthog ascended to godhood from the Astral Plane, a portion was left behind; his mortality shed. Even so it had touched godhood and could not simply die after its long stay as an astral spirit, but instead was pulled into the Void. Now it lurks seeking not to escape the Void but to spread it till it consumes all reality.
Special requirement: Nykthog can only be bound in shadowy or no illumination. In addition some object designed to create light (torch, tindertwig, sunrod) must be broken or destroyed in the presence of his seal before he will appear to make a pact.
Manifestation: Nykthog manifests as a 13 headed dragon made of inky darkness, so dark that it is darker than mere darkness, and almost an anti-light visible from close (10-ft) range even in absolute darkness. Each head is rotting and marred by great wounds, and as he speaks the flesh falls from each head in turn, eyes hanging loose and dropping out, before the bones tremble and fall, until only one head remains.
Sign: Your eyes become pure black, and a lattice of black lines runs across your entire body.
Influence: Nykthog’s influence manifests as a hatred of light and urge to extinguish sources of light.

Granted ability:
See in Darkness: You can see in darkness, even magical darkness, as easily as broad daylight.

Quench Light: As a standard action you may extinguish one light source within 120-ft. If it is a mundane light source the light flickers out and dies, although any flame remains burning. If it is a magical light source it is dispelled, and suppressed for 1 hour (in the case of magic items and other sources which reactivate on their own) as long as its CL is equal to or less than your EBL. Once you use this ability you cannot use it for another 5 rounds.

Shadow Evocation: You may imitate any damage dealing evocation with an instantaneous duration of 6th level or lower as a standard action. This remains a supernatural ability (and thus ignores SR), but is only 70% real allowing a Will save to reduce the effect as per the spell Shadow Evocation. Once you use this ability you cannot use it again for another 5 rounds.

Shadow Armor: You gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to your Charisma modifier. You lose this bonus if you wear heavy armor.