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    Saurous Kaer

    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf, with a few undead bits grafted on.
    Age: Somewhere between "Young (for an elf)" and "Middle Aged (for an elf)." His own partially-skeletal nature and a few transmutation and time travel incidents complicate matters further.
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class: Specialist in the field of the partial revivification of necrotic materials
    Power Level: B
    Description: Saurous is a rather ominous figure of the unnatural and leery sort, with dull red eyes, messy black hair and skin of an unhealthy gray hue. Usually dressed in various shades of gray and brown, Saur is not the cheeriest person around. Oh, and the skeletal claw that he has in place of his right hand is rather off-putting as well.

    Personality: "Cold" is one way to put it. "Unemotional," another. However, "uncaring sociopath" is probably the most appropriate. Saurous almost never displays any outward feelings, his emotional spectrum seeming to only stretch from "mildly amused" to "mildly annoyed." This lack of outward expression does not mean that Saurous is by any means docile or harmless, as beneath the cold exterior lies a calculating trickster who will participate in any mean spirited mischief he can think of if he can get some entertainment from it. (By the way, "mischief" can mean anything from tying shoelaces together to replacing organs with small woodland creatures. In fact, he tends to prefer things like the latter.)

    In addition to his maliciously cold-tempered demeanor, Saurous has a severe aversion towards bright, colorful, or even simply cheerful places, objects and people. He thus has a fear of clowns, carnivals, Care Bears and the dreams of children. His reactions to such things tend to vary from simple discomfort to bursting into flame, depending upon the concentration of happy thoughts and the seriousness of the current situation.

    Equipment and Abilities: Saurous is first and foremost very skilled in his craft of choice, necromancy. He has a particular knack for cobbling together all sorts of horrific undead monstrosities, and takes pleasure in manipulating both living and dead flesh to an incredibly creepy degree. He is almost as good at putting living things back together as he is at tearing them apart, and makes a competent healer when in a pinch.

    When not creepin' it up with the necromancy, Saurous is moderately skilled at other schools of magic, particularly illusion and evocation.

    In place of his right arm, Saurous has an undead claw made of hardened bone, with the fingers sharpened down to points. Aside from being one hell of a conversation piece and useful for parrying sword blows, the claw also grants a paralytic touch akin to that of a lich which Saurous makes use of in any occasion. It also allows him to channel deleterious negative energy at will. On another interesting note, the majority of Saur's skeleton appears to also be hardened like his claw, allowing him to withstand a fair bit of damage. However, he will be the first to tell you that attempting to deflect an attack with anything other than the exposed claw is almost blindingly painful.

    Saurous tends to carry with him a small collection of short blades such as knifes and daggers, of both the throwing and stabbing variety. However, most of these blades are not particularly effective in direct battles, and Saur prefers to use magic or his skeletal graft in combat, saving the knives for surprise attacks or ad hoc "surgeries." In addition to his collection of sinister cutting implements, Saur carries with him a number of reagents that he uses in spells, his spell book, and a small supply of countermeasures to be used against undead that he encounters/creates-and-subsequently-loses-control-of.
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