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    Kelral Hrys'tarimar Xar'cha

    Alias: People usually call him Kel if their station is equal to or above his. From anybody else, he hates the nickname
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Draegloth (Half-Glabrezu Demon/Drow)
    Age: 62
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class/Profession: Military Commander
    Power Rating: B
    Description: See below for a picture. Kelral takes quite a few pains to make sure his mane stays fairly clean in regards to dirt, but if there is battle afoot he will disregard vanity in an effort to enjoy himself to the fullest.

    Personality: Psychopathic is a good word to describe Kelral. Unlike most other Draegloth however, he at least has the patience to plan out an attack. This patience, combined with his ferocity and the fact that he's a Draegloth earned him his current position as commander.

    He also has something of a mean streak. He views just about everybody he meets as below his station, and those that he considers of equal station still have to earn his respect. Sadistic to the last, Kelral is perfect for drow society
    Equipment: Wearing plate mail and a Xar'cha tabard, Kelral enjoys wielding blades that would require two hands for any human sized creature. As a matter of fact, he keeps four with him, as he is proficient in fighting with all four at once, though he can hold two in two hands each if that serves his purpose better.
    Abilities: Despite a few inborn abilities courtesy of being half demon, Kelral is really just quite skilled in combat. It's what he enjoys, and so it's what he got good at
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